Home Front Alliance provides state-of-the-art technology solutions to transitioning Servicemembers, Veterans, and Military families looking to earn a college degree through CollegeRecon. CollegeRecon focuses on connecting these men and women with a network of approximately 2,800 colleges and universities.


CollegeRecon provides direct access to updated

and relevant information on colleges and

universities while also providing a secure

communication network to forge relationships

with on-campus representatives who deal

specifically with college-bound Veterans and

Military personnel. 

Colleges and universities looking to increase

their brand awareness and engagement with

military-connected students in their discovery

stage of the college decision making process

are able to partner with CollegeRecon.

CollegeRecon is NOT a lead generator. Instead,

we use organic and non-predatory practices to

present your brand and institutional offerings

to our members.

Student Veterans of America, the largest

organization of military-connected students in

the country, has partnered with CollegeRecon

to promote the exchange of information about

universities from former students to prospective applicants. CollegeRecon has created a reviews feature on its college profiles, launched in October 2019, for members of SVA to share their thoughts and rate their experiences. This critical data adds another layer of valuable information for prospective, military-connected students.

CollegeRecon is also a listed tool in the Army and Air National Guard Bureau Handbook, we power the education services of the America Serves Network in New York and Washington state, and are the technology behind the American Legion's virtual college search tool. As of October 2020, CollegeRecon is now officially partnered with Veterans Education Project.

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Student Veterans of America CollegeRecon
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